Our residential roofing metal is already popular as an affordable solution to roofing.  It's attractive, lightweight, and lasts a long time.  Other roofing solutions like asphalt doesn't compare.  The tiles we use are manufactured to appear just like the traditional clay tiles so you'll get that classic look.  We've achieved the ability to take galvanized steel and make it with the durability and low weight as well as years of life and look good too.

To achieve all this we use raw material and press it into modular panels through a special process that gives our tiles that clay tile look.  Our tiles are 4ft wide and 4ft to 8ft in length.  They're engineered for fast and ease of installation.  Our process allows for us to use one larger sheet instead of small pieces and there is a minimized number of roofing joints thus the ease at which the installers can utilize.

These tiles come in various colors and our company's metal tiles are engineered to our specs.  We cold roll the steel sheets and dip them in hot galvanization processes.  This makes the surface of the tiles resistant to corrosion and allows for further coating.  The coating is then able to be modified to our specs.

It's a polyester finish that we coat them with and the final product will look great.